Aleksejus Kononovicius: Fractale - anime on fractals

Recently the largest Lithuanian anime community has launched its 2011 anime awards. In context of Physics of Risk I have found one very interesting nominee - Fractale. It is nominated as the best adventure and best science fiction anime of the year, though so far it is far behind the leaders.

First thing each viewer see is memorable opening sequence, which is rich of strange patterns and fractals. The view is nice, interesting and very sophisticated.

While the story takes us to the distant future, in which people live in utopia of limitless freedom and possibilities. All the manual and boring works are being done by the doppels (digitized robots?), while people roam all other the place and do what they like without any concerns or problems. At first this seems the most disturbing as this freedom causes people to distance other people - even kids are being looked after by the machines and not their parents, who might be at completely different and distant place. This utopia has only one single and very general rule - everyone at the certain time of day must pray to certain stars in the sky. The hidden catch is that the so-called stars and not stars, but transmitters connected to the "Fractale".

I want go in the further details as their not interesting in terms of Physics of Risk. I'll just provide a minor spoiler - the story itself deeply relates to fractals, though the connection might have been more sophisticated.