COST P10 Vilnius 2006

COST P10 Vilnius 2006

In 2006 scientists of Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, B. Kaulakys, V. Gontis, M. Alaburda, J. Ruseckas and T. Meškauskas, organized meeting for the participants of COST P10 Action "Physics of Risk". Meeting took place in Vilnius on 13th-16th of March. Here you can find the meetings abstract book and slides of some presentations.

Book with abstracts can be download by clicking here. While most of the slides, to download them click on the title, are made available bellow in the conference program styled list.

Saturday, 13th of March

First session: Complex systems and risk.

Chairpersons I. Kondor and J. Hołyst.

Second session: Complex systems and networks.

Chairpersons I. Kondor and J. Hołyst.

Sunday, 14th of March

Third session: Risk.

Chairperson P. Richmond.

Fourth session: Risk.

Chairperson J. Kertész.

Fifth session: Networks.

Chairperson G. Rodgers.

Monday, 15th of March

Sixth session: Agent and network models.

Chairperson F. Slanina.

Seventh session: Agents and complex systems.

Chaiperson M. Ausloos.

Eighth session: Networks and complex systems.

Chairperson B. Kaulakys.

Ninth session: Complex systems and risk.

Chairperson V. Gontis.

Tuesday, 16th of March

Tenth session: Poster session.

Eleventh session: General session.

Chairperson P. Richmond.