Our Privacy Policy

Here, on Physics of Risk, we do not collect any information about our visitors. We do not keep any logs or collect statistics whatsoever.

Below we share information regarding third party services used on our website.

Our hosting provider

We are using GitHub Pages to host this blog. As far as we are aware, whenever a GitHub Pages site is visited, the visitor's IP address is logged by the platform for security purposes (see here). We are not aware of any other information being collected.

Third party services embed in our theme

Our theme uses Bunny Fonts service to serve nice fonts. They are privacy respecting EU-based company. If you have any concerns regarding them feel free to block their respective domain in your browser settings.

Our theme uses Cloudflare CDN to serve Bootstrap framework and MathJax. It is the backbone of our theme. Blocking this resource will break the look of our site as well as any LaTeX equations.

Third party content shared on our website

Occasionally we share content from third party websites. We have no control over their privacy policies, but we do try to limit the possible privacy concerns (e.g., for YouTube videos we use embeds from youtube-nocookie.com domain).

Search functionality

Search functionality on our website is being provided by Google.

Improving our privacy practices

We are always looking for ways to improve experience and privacy of our visitors. If you have any suggestions, please contact the maintainer.


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