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December 13, 2022
Numberphile: Stable Marriage Problem
April 06, 2021
Extra Credits: Teddy Roosevelt the Trustbuster
March 09, 2021
Wisecrack: Billionaires: What went wrong?
January 29, 2021
TLDR News US on How Reddit broke the stock market?
September 22, 2020
Two Cents: Is the Stock Market Irrational?
April 28, 2020
Extra Credits: The 1929 Stock Market Crash
March 03, 2020
R. Axtell: Modeling the Economy with 150 Million Agents
January 28, 2020
Agent-based cobweb model
January 21, 2020
Wisecrack: How platforms own you
January 14, 2020
Cobweb model and efficient market maker order book model
December 10, 2019
When education becomes the last priority...
February 12, 2019
J. P. Bouchaud: Econophysics - still fringe after 30 years?
April 24, 2018
An update and a new tool to compare GDPs of different countries
April 10, 2018
Extra Credits: DayZ - Tragedy of the Commons
March 27, 2018
Additional materials on price formation
March 13, 2018
Concluding remarks on price formation
February 27, 2018
Price formation: should we turn to economic nationalism?
February 13, 2018
Phase transition in the "price war" game?
February 06, 2018
This Place: The Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma and The Evolution of Cooperation
January 30, 2018
Price formation from the game theory perspective
January 16, 2018
Price formation: Cobweb model
January 02, 2018
Price formation: printing press example
December 12, 2017
Non-stationary power-law in a kinetic "rich gets richer" model
December 05, 2017
R. Shiller: "Narrative Economics and Neuroeconomics"
November 07, 2017
Numberphile: The Ideal Auction
September 05, 2017
Laws of Supply and Demand
June 13, 2017
Twitch "plays" financial markets
January 10, 2017
Extra Credits: Hyperinflation MMOs
December 13, 2016
Extra Credits: The history of paper money
October 04, 2016
R. Shiller: Phishing for phools
September 20, 2016
Extra Credits: The Power of Incentives
May 24, 2016
S. Anholt: Which country does the most good for the world?
January 23, 2016
Mokslo sriuba: Why financial crises occur?
January 05, 2016
LSE debate: "Too much maths, too little history: The problem of economics"
November 24, 2015
One Minute Physics: Every force in nature
November 10, 2015
A. Heuser: The 3 agencies with the power to make or break economies
October 27, 2015
Social experiment tabletop game
September 01, 2015
N. Perony on complexity theory
August 23, 2015
V. Gontis: the World Faces an Explosion of Financial Bubble Unprepared Again
July 31, 2015
V. Gontis: Annoying real GDP argument against Euro
June 02, 2015
Ray Dalio: How The Economic Machine Works
May 19, 2015
Extra Credits: South sea bubble
May 05, 2015
Forbes.com: Game of Thrones Economics - Why Doesn't Westeros Have A Central Bank?
April 21, 2015
S. Žižek: Democracy and Capitalism Are Destined to Split Up
April 07, 2015
Nonlinear feedback and long-range memory in GARCH model
March 31, 2015
Long-range memory in nonlinear GARCH model
March 17, 2015
Power-law distribution in linear GARCH model
March 03, 2015
V. Gontis: "Econophysics = Physics of Risk"
February 17, 2015
C. Hommes: How Expectations Interact to Create Bubbles
January 20, 2015
R. Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies
January 06, 2015
D. Ariely: On our buggy moral code
December 23, 2014
Hotelling law
December 08, 2014
D. Helbing: Next civilization
November 30, 2014
V. Gontis: Going to the roots of econophysics
October 27, 2014
T. Piketty on economic inequality
September 22, 2014
Herfindahl-Hirschman index and entropy
September 15, 2014
N. Hanauer: Beware fellow plutocrats the pitchforks are coming
July 28, 2014
Market price - is it economic or sociological concept?
April 21, 2014
Socio-economical regularities may be explained by the... intricacies of language
April 07, 2014
Econophysics in Estonia
March 31, 2014
L. Santos: A monkey economy as irrational as ours
March 10, 2014
Not that good at physics? Your business might be at risk...
February 17, 2014
Two talks on China's political and economical model
February 10, 2014
V. Gontis: The triumph of Penn effect in Europe
February 03, 2014
V. Yakovenko: What Causes Inequality?
January 27, 2014
A. Laskey: How behavioral science can lower your energy bill
January 06, 2014
"Pinigų karta": Interview with laureate of Nobel prize in economics Robert Shiller
December 30, 2013
A. Kononovicius: Socialism and capitalism in the kinetic exchange models
December 23, 2013
Nick Hanauer on who actually creates jobs
December 02, 2013
V. Gontis: "Animal Spirits" - the old term of economics forcing us to reevaluate contemporary theories
November 13, 2013
Cafe Scientifique "Physics of Risk: the more physics, the less risk" video recording
October 30, 2013
Cafe Scientifique: Physics of Risk
October 21, 2013
ekonomika.lt: World of finance - too complex to work flawlessly
September 16, 2013
V. Gontis, A. Kononovicius, K. Acus: Baltic countries should continue EU leadership in the sustained economic growth
September 02, 2013
PhD student position on Agent-Based Computational Economics (Italy)
August 19, 2013
Lets endorse open economic principles!
August 05, 2013
Open doctoral student positions in Spain
July 22, 2013
V. Gontis, K. Acus: Economies of Baltic countries are catching up and overcoming Visegrad Group
July 01, 2013
D. Sornette: How we can predict the next financial crisis?
June 17, 2013
J. B. Glattfelder: Who controls the world?
June 03, 2013
Lots of activities during the summer of 2013
April 25, 2013
RCL: Call for applications for Students' Research Practice in Lithuania in summer 2013
March 18, 2013
V. Gontis, A. Kononovicius: The phenomenon of economic growth of Baltic states
January 14, 2013
FuturICT: participatory science and computing for our complex world
December 17, 2012
V. Gontis: Econophysics - brand new outlook into social sciences
September 17, 2012
Experimental biology on social inequality
February 27, 2012
IARIA publication reviewing our different research directions
January 30, 2012
Aleksejus Kononovicius: Impressions from the Interdisciplinarity conference
January 25, 2012
Vygintas Gontis: Where is the hidden economical convergence of countries?
January 13, 2012
Lithuanian scientists join the FuturICT project
November 04, 2011
Slides from the “Science for business and society” conference
October 19, 2011
Conference "Science for business and society"