IARIA publication reviewing our different research directions

In the last year we have already written that work in the context of Physics of Risk provides varying insights into very different complex systems. The previous article [1] contained brief review of Physics of Risk platform and discussions on some of the models published using it. This article received great response and was even awarded the Best Paper Award by the publisher IARIA.

This year we were asked to submit a broader review of our work done in the context of Physics of Risk. Thus we have gathered [2] all of our latest research and created a very broad review of stochastic and agent-based modeling in the topics of financial markets and marketing. The draft is available on arXiv.


  • V. Daniunas, V. Gontis, A. Kononovicius. Agent-based versus macroscopic modeling of competition and business processes in economics. ICCGI 2011, The Sixth International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology, pp. 84-88. Luxembourg, 2011. Note: Received IARIA Best Paper Award (see https://www.iaria.org/conferences2011/AwardsICCGI11.html). thinkmind: iccgi_2011_4_40_10188. arXiv: 1104.2895 [physics.soc-ph].
  • A. Kononovicius, V. Gontis, V. Daniunas. Agent-based Versus Macroscopic Modeling of Competition and Business Processes in Economics and Finance. International Journal On Advances in Intelligent Systems 5 (1-2), 2012: 111-126. thinkmind: intsys_v5_n12_2012_9. arXiv: 1202.3533 [q-fin.GN].