New things on Physics of Risk

Physics of Risk meets new year with some significant improvements.

Firstly all of the texts on models were converted from page to post format. This small improvement will enable flexible handling of main topics. Now such models as Kirman's unidirectional model will appear in all relevant topics covered by Physics of Risk - in the given case you'll see the model under both agent-based modeling and business processes main topics. Some general models will find their place under the new "General models" topic.

The discussed improvements enables us to cover two very important events related to the Physics of Risk. First one is the annual meeting of COST P10: Physics of Risk held in Vilnius in 2006. See the corresponding page for conference program and slides. Another important "event" has only just started - the brand new European Union flagship project FuturICT.

Most of the improvements were done "under the hood". For example we have switch from the outdated F2 theme to our own PhysRisk2012, which visually is similar to our design under F2, yet is more compact and offers some new functionality very useful to us. One of these functions is the ability to add featured images to the posts. We have also improved some of the custom plugins and added two new widgets seen on the right sidebar.