Fractals in pork!

Previously (ex. while speaking about the multifractality of time series) we have already discussed that fractals are observed in many daily phenomena. Interestingly enough we can eat fractals for our breakfast! Recently we have found an article [1] which studies fractal structures, 1/f-like noise in ham!

The article is highly technical, thus it is recommend only for those interested in the spatial applications of detrended fluctuation analysis.


  • N. A. Valous, K. Drakakis, D.-W. Sun. Detecting fractal power-law long-range dependence in pre-sliced cooked pork ham surface intensity patterns using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis. Meat Science 86: 289-297 (2010). doi: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2010.04.017.