It is September again!

Over the summer I (Aleksejus) was contacted by some people from MathWorks who have seen my rant (post) about Matlab. I got kindly asked if I could provide a more detailed feedback. Sadly (or happily?) I have already forgot most of my experience with Matlab. There are lots of memes about Matlab online, so I guess I am not the only one with similar experience. To be fair, I think one of the issues is that a lot of Matlab handbooks are quite dated. Not in a sense that there are no new handbooks, but in a sense that the authors of many of even newer handbooks are not that well familiar with newest best practices in Matlab.

Also just few days ago we got "rug pulled" by our local network admins. Physics of Risk site went down due to local network configuration changes. When we noticed the issue, and inquired about it, we got a reply a long the lines of "Sorry. Made some changes. Yesterday." Now the changes are temporarily reversed, but... we have already relocated Physics of Risk to GitHub Pages. As we already store our source code on GitHub (see here), so why not?

Otherwise, the summer this year was not that eventful. So, Physics of Risk will be back with a new post on Tuesday! And afterwards we will continue talking about the point processes.