J. Krause: Swarm Intelligence

Have you ever wondered how the human crowd works? Why a bunch of total strangers are able to interact in away, which forms interesting and long-living structures? How the appraently mindless animals are able to do the same? Insights to the question might be gained by listening to the talk "Swarm Intelliegence" by dr. Jens Krause at TEDx event in Gent, Belgium. Apparently the features of the crow behavior, and thus the research, is highly universal and therefore may enable understanding of the inner-workings of the human societies. Below you will a recording of this talk, which is made available on YouTube.

We have listened to dr. Jens Krause live at one of the Spring meetings of German physicists' society (DPG). Namely this research has inspired us to analyze the impact of the controlled agents on the dynamics of the Kirman model.