Quite productive 2020

In the first half of 2020 we kept on posting about the opinion dynamics. Though our focus has drifted towards direction I was working on during my postdoctoral project. One of the main results, compartmental voter model, was presented on Physics of Risk just before the summer holidays.

Obviously my life, as well as yours, was somewhat interrupted by the COVID-19, so I just had to have at least few epidemiological posts. Most of these came after summer holiday, as I tend to prepare lots of future posts in advance. The posts were mostly inspired by email discussions with my colleagues.

All in all, Physics Risk had 41 posts in 2020 (+2 posts in comparison to 2019). 22 of posts were filled under interactive models tag. I was not sure if I will be able to keep the tempo up, but I managed this year by shrugging of some of the extraneous responsibilities. Once again, I start new year with doubts about the future of Physics of Risk, because I still feel that I have too much responsibilities.

Number of posts written in English and still available on this siteFig 1.The number of posts written in English and still available on this iteration of Physics of Risk. The wide bars represent total number of posts for each year since 2010, while the narrower bars represent a number of posts with 'Interactive models' tag.

Either way, we will continue with posts on anomalous diffusion by considering it in the voter models. Likely I'll make some new posts on opinion dynamics, too, as I have a few interesting models, which I thought to have already posted about. This will give me a chance to write about the last result from my postdoctoral project, which is related to the Latane's social impact theory.