Twitch "plays" financial markets

In 2014 Australian programmer started "social experiment" - he allowed thousands of viewers on Twitch to play computer game. Thousands of people could write into common chat to decide what the player controlled character in Pokemon Red will do - will he move up or down? Will he fish in the fond or ride a bicycle? What pokemon would he catch? Having in mind online troll culture, one could not have expected much, but in 16 days the game was completed.

Recently one programmer working at Amazon entrusted Twitch viewers with his lifetime savings of 50 thousand US dollars. This project already runs for about two weeks and so far the internet did not waste his savings...

This curiosity could be viewed on StockStream Twitch channel. But you can not only watch, but also influence the trades that will be executed. This can be done during session hours of New York Stock Exchange (workdays from 15:30 to 22:00 in Lithuanian time).