Kicking off a series of posts on the opinion dynamics

Soon we will kick off with a new topic entirely. The topic will not be outside the scope of Physics of Risk, but to a completely different subject still within our research interests. Namely, we will move on to cover some of the most well known or otherwise interesting models of the opinion dynamics.

elections (photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash)

Note that we have already covered a few opinion dynamics models. Such as Galam's referendum model, Voter model, AB model and Axelrod's culture dissemination model. Though we haven't discussed it in detail Bass diffusion model as well as Kirman's model could be also seen as opinion dynamics models. Though we have applied in a very different context, in their pure form both of them are about opinions than other rational arguments. Recently I even have published a generalized Kirman's model to describe N-state dynamics and applied the generalized model to reproduce Lithuanian parliamentary election results [1, 2].