An update and a new tool to compare GDPs of different countries

Over the years we have written multiple posts about the economic convergence phenomenon. We have also provided a couple of interesting apps, which could be used to study the real world data. Recently we have updated one of them with new data from World Bank (see this post or go straight to the related app).

Furthermore we have modified the old app to work with somewhat different data. Namely, the old app plotted GDP per capita series and the new app plots GDP per capita PPP series. GDP PPP is more interesting to some researchers as this GDP index is controlled for differing price levels between the countries.

We invite you to explore the data using the new app!

App window

To open interactive browser-based program click on the image or here. All of the popular modern browsers should work with it correctly. In case of problems consider updating your browser or switching to a popular standards-compliant browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari).