February and March active time for econophysicists

In February and Match three very important conference to the econophysicists were held: "Unsolved Problems on Noise", "Verhandlungen DPG" and "Open Readings" (lt. "Laisvieji skaitymai"). Our B. Kaulakys, V. Gontis, A. Kononovicius, P. Purlys and R. Kazakevičius have given oral and poster presentations at these conference. Presentations were mostly concerned with our newest achievements in the applications of Kirman model and burst statistics.

Two oral presentation in the sixth international conference on "Unsolved Problems on Noise" were given by B. Kaulakys. He gave a speech on our works concerning extreme event, i.e., burst, statistics - "Modeling by the nonlinear stochastic differential equation of the power-law distribution of extreme events in the financial systems". The other one was related to the application of Kirman model towards 1/f noise modeling - "1/f Fluctuations from the Microscopic Herding Model".

Our approaches towards financial markets using Kirman model were presented by V. Gontis in COST MP 0801 third work-group meeting in Jerusalem.

The main topics were also covered by A. Kononovicius in the Spring Meeting of German Physical Society (de. DPG) in Berlin. He talked about the Kirman model - "Microscopic herding model leading to long-range processes and 1/f noise with application to absolute return in financial markets". While also giving a poster presentation on the burst statistics - "Bursting behavior of non-linear stochastic model and empirical high-frequency return".

Master degree students P. Purlys ("Various ways of introducing herding behavior into the agent-based models of complex systems") and R. Kazakevičius ("1/f noise generated by superposition of relaxation processes generated by identical white noise") have presented their yearly papers in the international conference for young students of physics and natural sciences "Open Readings", which was held in the Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University.